Fortunato Lacamera 1887-1951

Italian/Argentinian painter, school of Buenos Aires


October 5th., born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He gets an apprenticeship position as telegraphist in a railroad company. He start to paint, setting up a studio in his work and living place, a cargo-train station named "Casa Amarilla" (Yellow House) located in "Barracas" (Warehouse's) neiborhood of Buenos Aires.

Lacámera quit from his employment and takes panting lessons with painter Alfredo Lazzari. He starts to work as a wall-painter and interior decorator.

First participation in the annual "National Salon of Painting and Sculpture" of Argentina

First one-man show at the "Chandler" art gallery of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Charter Member and Co-founder of the "Ateneo Popular de la Boca", a non-for-profit institution commited to promote artist, writers and composers living in "la Boca" neighborghood of Buenos Aires and sorroundings.

Founder of the "Agrupacion de Gente de Artes y Letras Impulso" (Impulse, Reunion of People of Arts and Letters) a non-for-profit organization of artists and writers. Lacámera was his president until his death on February 26th, 1951.

His paintings shows rooths on the Magic Realism and common ground with an artist as Edward Hooper.

Fortunato Lacámera
Oil on canvas