Articles, essays.

"Hector Giuffré: Reality and Conciousness"

by Jorge Lopez Anaya, PhD.

A deep essay about realism and the work of painter H. Giuffre

"The Art of Today In Between Reality and Chaos"

by Ana Maria Escallon

The colombian art critic writing in "El Expectador" of Bogotá about Giuffre's show at the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá, Colombia

Fragment of a Letter

by painter Piliph Pearlstein,

realist of New York School.

Hector Giuffré, a painter gifted with unlimited resources

by Jorge Feinsilber

The Argentine art expert and critic writing in newspaper "Ambito Financiero", of Buenos Aires, about Giuffré's show at former "Galería del Retiro"

Forewords for the book "GIUFFRE, an opening to The Real"

by Jacques Lassaigne

The French art expert and historian, former Chief Curatorof The Museum of Modern Art of Paris, wrote this brief forewords to the book published by "Ediciones de Arte Gaglianone"

Fragment of a reference's letter

by Carter Ratcliff

The American poet, art historian, and art critic, wrote this letter on behalf of Hector Giuffré.


by Monika Lentz

The art critic wrote this article for an art show of Hector Giuffré at Medellin, Colombia.

A Painter in a Loud Voice

by Jorge Taverna Irygoyen

The art critic wrote this article for the newspaper "El Litoral", about a one-man show of Hector Giuffré's artwork at the Museum of Fine Arts of Santa Fé, Argentina.